Seminar for the WTC Tampa Bay-Feb 25, 2016

The New Trans-Pacific Partnership – How Can Tampa Bay Businesses Benefit? By Susan L. (Susie) Hoeller, J.D., CITP, Hoeller Law Firm  “When goods do not cross borders, soldiers do.” – Frederic Bastiat, 19th century French economist INTRODUCTION TPP... (more...)

California, the “Golden State,” has turned “Green”

…When it comes to Product and Food Safety By Susie Hoeller Introduction If you are a manufacturer, importer or seller of products, including food and beverages, you need to be familiar with the two California laws discussed below, regardless of... (more...)

FDA Shines a Spotlight on Caffeine

In the wake of deaths and hospital admissions arising from the energy drink craze, the FDA is examining the safety of caffeine added to foods, beverages and dietary supplements. The agency is also investigating the legality and safety of beverages containing... (more...)