Susan L. “Susie” Hoeller is the founder and principal attorney at the Hoeller Law Firm. She has 37 years of experience representing global and local businesses. Please see our “Bios” page for more detail. From time to time, we engage other qualified attorneys on a project basis working under our direction.

Hoeller Law, Tampa Attorney Commercial, International and Employment Contracts

I. Our Areas of Legal Practice

II. Like Having Your Own In-House Counselâ„¢

In addition to the legal work we perform for our clients; we can identify, network with and/or manage other qualified attorneys in the U.S. and abroad to handle trademark, copyright and patent filings, litigation, employment and corporate finance law. This enables our clients to focus on their business while we manage their overall legal needs.

III. Legal Awareness Training

Successful business people know that it is not enough to hire attorneys to keep the business compliant and reduce adverse litigation costs. We can provide customized legal awareness training for our clients. Our training modules are based on adult learning principles and can be tailored to the client’s business.

IV. Regulatory Compliance

Hoeller Law Firm identifies and works closely with third party technical experts, scientists and testing laboratories when our clients need technical and scientific evaluation of their products for regulatory compliance, quality assurance and/or litigation defense.