Regulatory Compliance

There is an alphabet soup of US federal government agencies regulating the products and services provided to American consumers by domestic and foreign firms – the ATF, CBP, CFPB, CPSC, DOJ, EPA, FDA, FTC, NTSB, and the USDA, among many others. In addition, there are state and local regulatory regimes and international regimes that come into play for US exporters.

Large publicly traded companies have sophisticated and well staffed compliance departments and yet, many of them still fall short and are prosecuted for regulatory violations and sued in class action litigation.

Smaller firms face a huge challenge since they do not have the same level of resources to identify, understand and deal with often complex and overlapping regulations.

This is where the Hoeller Law Firm’s expertise can be a game changer for your company. We know how to provide a holistic analysis of the relevant regulatory requirements for your company’s products and services. We can help our clients implement internal company processes to assure compliance is really taking place.

We have expertise in dealing with the regulations and personnel of several of the agencies listed above. We know how to team up with other law firms in regulatory areas we identify as relevant but are not expert in. We also work closely with world class testing laboratories, engineers and scientific consultants as needed.

In today’s global marketplace, regulatory compliance is an essential element of business success.