Recalls and Recall Prevention

No company likes to recall their products but sometimes this must be done under applicable law or is advisable to protect consumers under the precautionary principle or to protect the company’s reputation.

The requirements for when a recall is legally mandated vary from agency to agency of the US federal government and often recalls must be coordinated with Health Canada and other international agencies.

Many companies get into trouble because they fail to realize that for certain products they must pro-actively notify the relevant government agency, such as the Consumer Product Safety Commission, when they have received customer injury reports, regardless of whether a recall will or will not be required.

Susie Hoeller has served as the lead attorney for some of the largest recalls in US history. She currently counsels companies on when a government agency needs to be notified of a potential safety issue; when a recall is needed or advisable; and how to conduct effective recalls which minimize a company’s legal exposure to subsequent product liability and other claims.

At the Hoeller Law Firm, we also help our clients prevent or avoid recalls by working with their engineers, designers, scientists and quality assurance professionals on product designs and labeling, instructions for use and warnings, material selection and manufacturing process issues on the front end before products are sold.