Commercial, International and Employment Contracts

Every business, no matter its size, product mix or scope of operations, needs well-drafted written contracts for several reasons, including:

  1. to state the duties and responsibilities of the businesses or individuals entering into the contract, referred to as the “parties.”
  2. to describe the products and/or services being sold or purchased and the payments therefore or the financing arrangements being entered into.
  3. to allocate the risks involved in the transaction; and
  4. to be able to enforce the parties’ obligations in a judicial proceeding or non-judicial dispute resolution process.

Commercial contracts typically involve the sale of goods or services or financing arrangements. International contracts are a sub-set of commercial contracts which can involve additional risks because of multiple jurisdictions, distance, cultural differences, and a greater risk of damage to goods in transit and often more difficult collection of receivables.

Employment contracts are very important for businesses even for what are known as “at-will” employees. Otherwise, a business can lose valuable intellectual property rights. At the Hoeller Law Firm, our philosophy is to negotiate contracts that are clearly written and comprehensive without unneeded boilerplate. The contracts are protective of our clients but at the same time commercially reasonable for both parties. Contracts that are one-sided do not lead to business success; more often than not, they end up in litigation.

We have extensive experience in negotiating and drafting successful contracts in multiple industries, with numerous Fortune 500 companies, middle market companies and entrepreneurial start ups.