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Seminar for the WTC Tampa Bay-Feb 25, 2016

The New Trans-Pacific Partnership – How Can Tampa Bay Businesses Benefit? By Susan L. (Susie) Hoeller, J.D., CITP, Hoeller Law Firm  “When goods do not cross borders, soldiers do.” – Frederic Bastiat, 19th century French economist INTRODUCTION TPP... (more...)

Ten Things Every Lawyer Should Know About GMOs

The number of genetically engineered products are increasing each year, and will only get larger. Science is getting more innovative in its ability to feed the global population and treat its health care needs, or find more profitable ways to solve age-old... (more...)

Technology and the Law – Disruption v. Precedent

Disruption Technological innovation is disrupting business and changing consumer behavior. We know the current players – social media, smart phones, Amazon, Airbnb, Uber, drones, and wearables. Driverless cars are already on the road and Jetsons-style... (more...)

Sustainability in America – Buzzword or Reality?

Introduction On September 12, 1962, President John F. Kennedy delivered his stirring “we choose to go to the moon in this decade” speech at Rice University. Despite his tragic assassination in 1963 and his critics who wanted government money spent... (more...)

Compliance and Ethics – Failure or Success?

Introduction We know that public companies spend millions of dollars on the design and implementation of their compliance and ethics programs. Even after all that spending, the news never ends about illegal and unethical conduct by too many businesses... (more...)

California, the “Golden State,” has turned “Green”

…When it comes to Product and Food Safety By Susie Hoeller Introduction If you are a manufacturer, importer or seller of products, including food and beverages, you need to be familiar with the two California laws discussed below, regardless of... (more...)

FDA Shines a Spotlight on Caffeine

In the wake of deaths and hospital admissions arising from the energy drink craze, the FDA is examining the safety of caffeine added to foods, beverages and dietary supplements. The agency is also investigating the legality and safety of beverages containing... (more...)

Waiting Too Long to Recall

General Motors In early 2013, General Motors (GM) recalled over 4.2 million small cars with two separate ignition switch defects. The first defect turned off the engine and airbags while consumers were driving the cars. At least 13 deaths and 32 crashes... (more...)

Smart Business – Successful New Product Launches

It is smart business to minimize your legal expenses and avoid being named a defendant in lawsuits or having to recall your products. Up Front Legal Advice You cannot run a successful business without legal compliance and legal protections for your innovations.... (more...)

Top Requisites for a Career in International Trade

The most important requisites for success in a career in any field are personal characteristics and values. Education, training and on the job experience are necessary of course. However, the news media is full of stories about highly educated, trained... (more...)